Little Cloud (Gold)

Limited Edition Bronze

Little Cloud (Gold), 2016
Polished bronze, enamel sealant
5 x 3 x 3.5 inches
Edition of 8


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Happy Virus lenticular print


“Happy Virus”, 2015
Lenticular print
24 x 13.5 inches

The Cloud has been a symbolic icon of FriendsWithYou’s work since the beginning. To us, the Cloud represents a key illustration of our mission. It is a symbol with the power to transcend the viewer to a relaxed and joyous state, revealing that everything in our world has a soul and a purpose - as spiritual essence. This animist perspective reflects in our work as a sweet visual soundscape, casting a positive message of happiness and connectivity.

The Native Americans believed that the clouds were the Gods who watched over them and their livelihoods. Bringing this print to life invokes a continuation into the proliferation of healing art objects. Combining movement with the symbol of a cloud is our way of making everyone who encounters it instantly happy on a day-to-day basis.

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We Are FriendsWithYou book

Published by Rizzoli

Dear Friends, We are so excited to announce the release of our monograph "We Are FriendsWIthYou", published by Rizzoli. The book spans our first 12 year journey, and features contributions by musician, producer and long time collaborator and friend Pharrell Williams, director, film maker, and spiritual guru Alejandro Jodorowsky, and Dallas Contemporary museum director Peter Doroshenko. Our book launch event will take place at the MOCA Grand Avenue in Los Angeles on May 31 from 3-6pm. Our event will feature a book signing , installation bounce house "Fun House" engineered for all ages, a live sound environment performance by Money Mark, live airbrush pieces created on site by artist Malcolm Stuart, and the debut of the FriendsWithYou/Print All Over Me capsule collection. Special thanks to Ian Luna, Emma Reeves, Maxwell Williams, & Roxane Zargham, our team responsible for helping us achieve this vision.


Little Cloud Lamp

Limited edition lamp

FriendsWithYou views the cloud emblem as "an enduring symbol of love and guidance on a light filled path".  

Little Cloud is a functional art object,  serving as both a source of physical light and a tool for conscious illumination. This table top lamp features multiple light intensities, ranging from cool to warm, and can be plugged into an outlet for continuous use, or charged and used wirelessly. Approximately Measuring 12 x 8 x 8 inches, it's compact size also allows for it to travel easily, serving as a vehicle of light and unconditional love where ever it goes. 

Little Cloud is an editioned piece created by FriendsWithYou in collaboration with Case Studyo and PK SHOP.

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